I HAVE FOR SALE 2 GREENHECK COMMERCIAL UP BLAST EXHAUST VENTILATORS, SEE SPECS. BELOW. THESE ARE NEW UNITS, WILL SELL ONE OR BOTH $550.00 EACH, SEE BELOW THE PRICE NEW FOR THESE UNITS IS OVER $1800.00 THANKS.GREENHECK Zoro G0455108 Mfr 48C182Upblast Ventilator, Wheel 18-12 In, 115VIn stock$1873.92 EADETAILSCFM 0.375-In. SP 214327323362Recommended Der Stock No. 4HX67Adj. 12 38H Roof Curb Stock No.
Do not miss this sale. Do not bring bags. We supply bags and wrap. Do not park in driveways. No presales. Call 856 321-0742 for details. Cherry Hill Liquidators (www.chlsales.com).
Great condition no flaws PERFECT Original box Mid ankle retro 13s Unisex fit women Sz 8-8.5